Creating a Facebook Business Page

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There is nothing new about Facebook or the notion that businesses need Facebook pages. 1.56 billion users use Facebook every single day, making it the most popular social media platform worldwide. On average, users spend almost an hour on Facebook per day. It is a considerable amount of time users could spend viewing your brand!

What can you do to make Facebook work for your business? Companies use Facebook Pages to reach users. In general, Facebook Pages look like personal profiles, except that users are able to “like” brands, businesses, and causes. As a result, fans get updates on their feed, while the business collects audience insights, chats with potential customers, and raises brand awareness. 

How to Create a Facebook Page

Let’s kick things off by creating a Facebook page for your business. 

  1. Create a Page

A business’s profile page is the first step (obviously). Get started by going to, selecting Business or Brand, and categorizing it. Choose your page’s name and URL carefully.

  1. Add Your Photos

The next step to separate your Facebook profile from others is by adding a profile picture. It will appear alongside any content on your page, and in search results. Make sure the photo is 180 x 180 pixels. If your image is not square, you will be prompted to crop it. Choose a profile picture that immediately identifies you, like a logo. 

Next, upload a cover photo. Cover photos are large, horizontal images that appear at the top of your page. You can update it on a regular basis according to specials, campaigns, and seasons. Cover photos have an official dimension of 851 x 315 pixels. If the photo is not exactly centered, you can drag the photo to reposition it. Don’t forget to save your work once you’re done.

  1. Add A Description

It is also important to provide your audience with an overview of your business. Start by clicking “Add a Short Description” under “Welcome to Your New Page”. Provide a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do. Make it descriptive and show your brand’s personality, as it appears on your Page as well as in search results.

  1. Create A Username for Your Business

In your welcome menu, you have the option to create a Page username. In your custom Facebook URL, your username will appear to help people easily remember and find your Page. This space is limited to 50 characters.

  1. Add a CTA (Call To Action)

There is a Facebook feature that allows people to add a call-to-action button to their pages. Just click the “+ Add a Button” link below your cover photo to do so. Depending on the type of service desired, customers have a diverse range of options. CTAs can lead to your homepage, a video, Messenger, a phone number, a landing page, among many others.

  1. Verify Your Page

Have you ever noticed that some businesses and brands have a little gray or blue checkmark next to their names? Verification badges may be available based on the way you categorized your page. A blue badge means Facebook has verified a page for a public figure, media company, or brand. The gray badge, on the other hand, indicates that Facebook has confirmed the authenticity of a business or organization’s page. A verification badge adds a sense of authority to your page and business, but it isn’t necessary. 

Ensure you have a profile photo and a cover photo on your page before applying. Click “Settings” > “General”. The “Page Verification” section allows you to enter your publicly listed phone number, country, and language. You will then receive a verification code via phone call.

Getting Likes

It’s important to get as many views as possible on your Facebook page. For this to happen, you need to get likes. Using a “like” allows your business to be included in a user’s News Feed.

Never Buy Likes

Buying likes on Facebook may seem like an easy and convenient way to make your business look credible. This may not be the case. Who are these people? In order to reach a specified number of likes, companies that sell likes use click farms, fake accounts, or compromised accounts. It is unlikely that these “users” who like your page will ever interact with your content. 

The algorithms of Facebook pay attention to engagement rates rather than the amount of fans you have. The lack of likes and comments from your fans can prevent your content from being noticed over time. Furthermore, Facebook monitors such activity. This can result in your page being removed without warning. 

How can you get more likes?

This should happen naturally if you have thoroughly filled out the “About” section of your page. Include an overview of your business, appropriate categories, and a link back to your website. Don’t overcrowd it with keywords. Other great ways to promote your Facebook page are listed below. 

  1. Pass it along to your friends.

You might want to consider sharing your new Page with your Facebook friends if you’re starting from scratch. There is an option to do so on your main screen. Choose contacts carefully so you don’t over-promote to people you know won’t be interested. Facebook marketing spam can actually harm your page.

  1. Share your page with your colleagues. 

Invite them to share the unique link with their Facebook friends or add it to their email signature. Employees in sales, customer service, or HR who frequently email customers or partners can often be excellent candidates.

  1. Post quality content.

Create a community that engages your followers. Provide your audience with valuable and entertaining content they’ll want to share. Engage with comments and reply promptly to messages. Do you ever notice that some Pages have a green badge that says “very responsive”? This badge can be earned if you have a 90% response rate and an average response time of 15 minutes or less over the past seven days.

  1. Make sure to share your page through your website.

Marketing your page doesn’t stop at Facebook. Make it easy for your site visitors to follow you on social media by adding social media buttons to your blog and website.

  1. Let your customers and email contacts know about your page. 

It is possible to let your customers know you have a Facebook presence in many different creative ways. Consider placing a Facebook sticker in the window or adding the custom URL to your receipts to let your customers know your Page exists. Remember to include a Page link in your email marketing, whether you are sending customer service messages, product recommendations, or content updates.

  1. Use other social media channels to promote your page.

Sharing your page on your other social media accounts is another option, but be sure do not overdo it. It is important to respect your Twitter and LinkedIn audience that you have built over time.

Final Thoughts

There is much more to Facebook business accounts than we have covered here. Stay tuned for so much more! If you are ready to get a Facebook strategy for your business, give us a call today at 314-537-7974.



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