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NEW Instagram Business Profiles Taking Flight

Recently the popular image-driven social network Instagram announced the launch of new business tools features. This is a companion to its newly introduced Instagram business profiles. Now every business that has a Facebook business page is eligible for usage of Instagram’s business profiles. Although imperfect the social media platform is making strides for improvements.[br][br]

As it stands the new business tools features are slowly being rolled out throughout the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Soon they will also be available to all worldwide users. It has been reported that the new Instagram business profiles will also feature a Contact button and Directions for businesses.[br][br]

Instagram business profiles contact information

The Contact and Directions options will be extremely helpful for businesses. These new features will be especially handy for companies seeking to monetize their grams. [br][br]

Getting Started with Instagram Business Profiles

The initiation process of Instagram Business Profiles is actually quite straight forward. Personally, we think that this area will evolve further over the coming months. Hopefully with additional new options that can enhance functionality, engagement, and communication. As it stands though, all you have to do in order to get started with Instagram Business Profiles is watch the video above in our blog post. If you’re a fan of the step-by-step process then you can find it here.

Understanding Instagram Business Profiles

The Facebook-owned social platform is intending to capitalize upon its existing user base. This is in fact a continuously growing audience that is becoming more and more engaged on daily basis. There are now over 500+ million monthly active users of which 300+ million are daily actives and 95+ million daily posts. [br][br]

Instagram current stats

Source: Instagram [br][br]

Visuals play a factorial role in any business. Particularly from an engagement standpoint. Certainly you have heard the saying, “An image is worth a thousand words.”. This is absolutely applicable to Instagram where all of its posts are images. Although with an 80%+ audience from outside the U.S. it begs a very important question for businesses. [br][br]

Are Instagram Business Profiles viable for U.S. businesses?[br][br]

Instagram Business Profiles are the equivalent of Facebook business pages. A great way for any business to engage with their target audience using visuals. [br][br]

Untapped Potential Behind Instagram Business Tools

Measurement of social media performance is an intricate component for any social campaign. The Instagram Business Tools allows for deeper Insights into individual campaign performance. By doing so companies will be able to better Promote their products or services. Valuable Insights can help attribute to deeper understanding of the perception, engagement, and interests of Instagram users. Such data can be of huge asset to any brand seeking to establish a targeted Instagram campaign.[br][br]

How will you use Instagram Business Profiles for your business?

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