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Snapchat Introduces New Memories Feature

The widely popular Snapchat messaging application announced a new feature. Memories will soon become available for all public users. Although as of currently Snapchat made a statement indicating that such feature will not be available for a few months. This is yet another cool addition to the recent trend of feature additions the messaging application has embarked upon.[br][br]

According to Team Snapchat, memories will help users archive a personal collection of their Snaps and Stories. Such collection will be accessible directly within the messaging application. Memories will find its permanent place under the Camera option that ultimately drives majority of Snapchat’s functionality. All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the app and Memories shall grace you with its presence.[br][br]

In addition to Memories, a new search capability will enhance users with the ability to find favorite snaps and stories. That way you can locate those Memories that matter most much quicker. This can be quite handy especially if you are someone who enjoys the diversity of Snapchat storytelling.[br][br]

Memories will also allow Snapchat users with the ability to repurpose its content. For instance, you will have the ability to create new Stories from Snaps you’ve taken that are part of a memory previously created. Wedding anniversaries or birthdays are perfect when creating new stories from those memories. The beauty of Memories is resurrection of old content and being revived for fresh storytelling endeavors. That is a really neat feature that certainly many users will find quite useful.[br][br]

Memories will be automatically backed up to Snapchat. No photos or videos will be backed up from your Camera Roll. That is unless of course you happen to use one of the photos or videos within a story. That would be the exception to this rule. Memories will be rolled out publicly over the next month or so. Keep your eyes peeled on Snapchat updates through the App Store or Google Play.[br][br]

Snapchat shall be officially available once Team Snapchat makes the public announcement. You know, that Team Snap that you receive here and there that includes interesting updates. Snapchat has gained such high popularity that even companies like Verizon are acknowledging its potential. If you are looking to reach the Millenials, Gen Z (iGeneration), or even Gen-X then this should be your playground area. [br][br]

What are your thoughts about the new Snapchat Memories feature? Share your input in the comments section below. There is no right or wrong answer here.[br]

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