Hacking Human Psychology: Is That The Essence of Your Digital Marketing?

Gaining a thorough comprehension of human psychology can be a huge asset to your digital marketing endeavors. A recent post by Facebook and Napster founder Sean Parker regarding hacking of human psychology sparked plenty of controversy on the web. So much controversy that at a recent Axios event he spoke in-depth regarding Facebook and how the platform aimed to get inside our human brains. (more…)

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6 Things You Need for Your Digital Marketing Plan

Media has long turned digital, replacing old-fashioned ways of receiving information within our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s social media interaction, advertising, or news consumption we are simply immersed within a digital media world. When you consider various trends and how they shift, you can begin to imagine digital marketing as a constantly moving target.

On the business front, nearly 40% of all companies will be non-existent or non-practical within the next decade. Approximately 70% of all companies will attempt a digital media transition, but only 30% of those will be successful. Although digital media has reached mass adoption, many companies are still struggling with the different facets of digital marketing.  Adaptation and transitioning are two of the most difficult things to accomplish. They are particularly challenging at medium-sized to larger corporations.  Currently, only 10% of companies consider themselves fully digital while 47% have yet to embark on a digital transition.  (more…)

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5 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Needs to Get Personal

When it comes to marketing in the digital world, the human aspect is needed.  What does this mean?  Well, according to current trends, fluff approaches and the old car salesman tactics are dead with regards to social media marketing.  By connecting with your audience on a more personal level, you’re building more trusting relationships. (more…)

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Boost Customer Connectivity By Humanizing Your Brand

Any customer is also a human being. A lot of companies tend to forget this rather quickly. We as human beings have deep appreciation for acknowledgement. Recognition and appreciation is an ego-booster but more so pure admiration. In the earlier days of marketing customers were swayed with brand equity. Especially true in the case of major brands which occupied substantial amount of real estate in the business marketplace. This was their way of attempting to connect with new and existing customers.[br][br]


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NEW Instagram Business Profiles Taking Flight

Recently the popular image-driven social network Instagram announced the launch of new business tools features. This is a companion to its newly introduced Instagram business profiles. Now every business that has a Facebook business page is eligible for usage of Instagram’s business profiles. Although imperfect the social media platform is making strides for improvements.[br][br] (more…)

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Snapchat Introduces New Memories Feature

The widely popular Snapchat messaging application announced a new feature. Memories will soon become available for all public users. Although as of currently Snapchat made a statement indicating that such feature will not be available for a few months. This is yet another cool addition to the recent trend of feature additions the messaging application has embarked upon.[br][br] (more…)

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We are Finally LIVE and Operational!

In today’s digital world the business marketplace moves at a much faster pace than ever before. The evolution of the modern consumer has forced companies to rethink their marketing techniques. Consumers are simply far more informed, tech-savvy, and intelligent about the information they absorb on the internet.[br][br] (more…)

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