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Small Ways To Boost Your Brand On Social Media Right Now

Are you a small business owner wondering how you can boost your business right now? Look no further than social media. Social media is marketing that you can get out right then, with no wait, and it is very effective. Here are a few small things you can do today that will boost your brand right away. 

Pump Up Your Bio

Refreshing your bios on social media is a great boost your social media presence. This is often the first impression to potential followers. Make your sure bio conveys what you do or what you sell. This space should also let people know why they should follow your account. 

A great visual for your header image and profile picture should show people what you do, as well. Do not forget to use keywords appropriate to your business in your bio, so it will show up in search results. Keywords with your location in them are great, but also add the location you are doing business in your bio. 

It’s also a good idea to add links to your website or use tools that allow you to have more than one click, like a linktree. A linktree allows you to highlight multiple links for people than just sending them directly to your homepage. 

Lastly, try to make your bio engaging. Remember, this is your first impression and your last impression if you don’t do it right.  

Consistency Is Key!

77% of small businesses use social media for sales, marketing, and customer service. We find that posting consistently helps to build trust and a relationship. When your followers know they can expect a blog every Monday, they know they can count on you as a reliable source of information. 

Create a social calendar that you can re-use every month. We like to create them in an Excel spreadsheet. There’s really no right or wrong way to make a calendar, so long as you make sure you stay consistent and create a system that works best for you. 

Some things you should include in your calendar each month are:

  • Add in holidays.
  • Put any events your business is having, like sales, webinars, or live streams
  • Mark what days you intend to talk about certain topics or products. 
  • List each day with whatever you have slated for that topic. For example, we like to post blogs on Monday, so everybody can have some light reading to get them back into the new week. It is good to at least plan a week or two in advance so you can have your content ready to go. 

Communicate With Your Followers

Whether you’re using Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, communicating with your followers is a great way to boost your brand. If someone makes a comment on your post, like that comment and respond to them meaningfully in a timely fashion. You can start really great, detailed conversations about your product or service this way that will help to market your product or business. 

Additionally, direct messages are a great way to forge a deeper connection and go further than public comments. Direct messages can help you build a genuine relationship with folks, but it could take some time. Send a friendly note thanking folks for connecting with you. Make sure to check your messages often and respond. If you’re getting any spam messages, delete those. 

Leverage User Generated Content

User-generated content is one of the best ways to promote your products or services. People trust other people more than the claims of the brands themselves. With user-generated content, your audience will get honest feedback directly from other customers, which is a form of social proof. This helps to position your brand as trustworthy. 

Always be sure to give your users a platform on which they can brag about their purchases and boost your brand. It should be easy for your customers to share stories with your other followers about why they love your product or services. 

Communicate Your Product Or Service

This sounds like common sense, but it is something brands overlook often. Tell people what services or products you provide. Make sure you are sharing your shop. But also, make sure you have a balance between too much promotion and too little promotion. A great idea is to choose one thing you want to work on promoting each month. If you don’t have a ton of products or services, choose something like some evergreen content you can talk about. 

Let people know you’re selling, and how they can buy from you with Calls-To-Action (CTAs) in your text, such as “click this link to purchase.” 

Get On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often overlooked for creating a deep connection with prospective customers, but it works! LinkedIn allows you to choose who you connect with, so any niche products or services can really be highlighted here to the crowd you want. Connecting with people you want to network with is the best way to go. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtag research is something you can quickly do to boost your brand and brand awareness. Use the obvious hashtags for your industry, but add in some more niche tags as well. Bonus points if you include your location!

An example would be a fashion company marketing a new dress with the following hashtags: #dress #clothes #dresses #dressdesign #dressesstlouis #cocktaildress #weddinguestdress #dressesmo #casualdress #fashion #style #outfit #dressesbybri #clothesbybri #stlouisdesigner. 

Change the hashtags based on the content that is being posted. You obviously don’t want to use #weddingguestdress when posting about your most recent company lunch (unless, of course, you are all wearing #weddingguestdresses!) 

Final Thoughts

So, which tip are you using today to boost your brand on social media? These tips are just a tiny handful of examples of things you can do. There are so many more ways to help your business grow with social media. If you are ready to see them, call us at (314) 537-7974.

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