How To Up Your SEO Game

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To be successful with social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical. It is challenging to get your blog near the top of Google’s search results, whether you just started your blog or have had it for a while. You can gain the upper hand on your competitors by following some effective SEO tips. Check them out.

Produce Quality Content

Today, successful SEO requires high-quality content. The only way to keep your followers coming back for more is to write interesting, well-researched, useful and relevant content. By becoming a trusted resource in your niche, you’ll naturally get links and rankings.

Ideas for content can come from the internet, your competitors’ social media or blogs, or what’s trending. Keep your eye on the news and social media for what’s hot right now. You can generate a lot of traffic when you write about trending content.

Using old content as inspiration is also a smart way to find creative ideas. Let’s see what’s already out there — could you do a Part 2 on one of these? How about new perspectives on old ideas? Your imagination is the limit.

It is imperative to be consistent with your blog posts. Consistency and a trustworthy author are factors that encourage readers to return to a site. By creating a content calendar, you can maintain your schedule effectively. Make sure your content is always current and relevant!

Make Use of Relevant Keywords

Optimizing your SEO and ranking well in Google requires you to use relevant keywords in your content. Your site should have keywords that relate directly to what people are searching for. Identifying your audience involves knowing what keywords they are searching for, what type of language they use, and what types of searches see high traffic.

Conduct keyword research to determine which keywords are trending and which are appropriate for your content. Using Google Suggest will allow you to lengthen your keyword list, as well.

Your post should contain these keywords within the first 100 words to increase attention.

Add Keywords To Your URL

When you write your posts, set the URL to include your keyword for the article. Keep the keyword front and center, and keep the URL short, as that suggests high relevance.

Your Title Should Include Your Keyword

A title and title tag containing keywords is imperative for SEO. Make sure your keyword appears at the beginning of the title so the “search spiders” will find it more relevant.

Embrace Images

A post must have an accompanying image. Photos can help readers feel more engaged and attract additional readers. Also, adding images to your posts makes your accompanying text more exciting. Make sure the images you use complement what you are trying to say.

You can use your image as another tool to attract visitors to your site if you do it right. Google users will be able to find your original image when they search for a related image. From there, they will be able to visit your website. You should be sure to include your keyword in your alt tag, thus assuring you appear in relevant searches in the future. Additionally, save your image under a relevant name that is also targeted towards your keyword.

Create and Publish Unique Content

It goes without saying that high-quality content is important for good search engine optimization! In order to boost your blog’s ranking, consider adding unique content to its category pages, especially if your blog posts are categorized into multiple categories.

There should be unique posts on each category page in order for the page not to appear as spammy.

Provide Links to High-Quality Sites

Links from relevant and reputable sites can actually help your blog rank higher in search engines. Link to other companies or tools you mention in your post. It is possible to include links to blog posts that offer useful information on the same topic as yours.

Links to these sites should be sent to the webmaster via email letting them know you have linked to them. They are more likely to link back to your blog post if you do this. Do not ask webmasters for links when you first reach out to them. You are just starting a conversation.

Video Tells Stories

Video has never been more valuable. Videos capture the attention of your audience, tell a story, and evoke an emotional response from them.

Make the most of your video storytelling budget, no matter what it is. From phone recordings to motion graphics, there are a number of options for creating videos. Just make sure they are engaging.

Sharing Is Caring

Your website or blog should be connected to your social media accounts. As a result, more visitors will visit your site, thereby boosting your ranking. If your business has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and any other social media accounts, add buttons for those accounts to your website or blog.

Make Use of Google Webmaster Tools

A useful set of tools from Google allows you to discover how your blog ranks for keywords, see who links to you, and more. You can use the Google Search Console‘s tools and reports to optimize your site’s search results, measure your site’s traffic, and fix problems.

Ensure you are keeping an eye on these reports. Using the data, you can re-evaluate and improve your blog or website.


For your blog to rank highly, you need SEO. Learning how to do effective SEO takes time, but eventually you’ll get there, and any additional learning you do will provide you with a competitive advantage. If you follow these tips, you should see results, but you need to give it time. Of course, if you’d rather an experienced professional’s help, we’ve got your back. Call us today at (314) 537-7974.



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